Quick Updates...

-Today is World Cancer Day (I'm posting that a little late-sorry)!

-Our God son was baptized on Sunday-Congrats little guy! (and he slept through it all!)...The other mother there accidentally said the wrong name for her child-oops.

-Follow-up with neurologist was on Monday-things are about the same with the pain and numbness in my right arm and back. We are going to go ahead and do a nerve conduction test soon and see what's going on. If that shows nothing, this may just be how it will be for months and years-because of the treatments, surgery and radiation.

-I was interviewed today for an article on living with pain that is supposed to appear in a national news magazine next week-I will follow-up with details when I know them :).

That's about it for now...Today, I am grateful for being done with a stressful, huge psychology test, friends, family, God and prayers.


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Rachel's sister said...

Hey - you didn't mention the interview at dinner the other night! Congratulations! Love you!