Yes, I Went Missing Again...

Between mid-terms and being sick, I really have not done much else...

I am overjoyed though to be done with 2 big midterms and everything else! The sickness is SO close to being gone and that makes me happy too...

Other randomness: This was a really interesting article about advancements and the future of some cancer treatments...check it out!

And now...one more class, a massage and sleep.

Today, I am grateful for a much needed massage, spring break!, friends, family, God and everything else :).



Wild About Words said...


Enjoy your massage . . . and your much-deserved break!

All best,

Lindsay said...

Hey Rach,
I'm looking into starting to get massages semi-regularly. Have you noticed a difference in how you feel from them? I'm just wondering :) Hope you enjoyed it!

Obsessedwithlife said...

Lindsay-Yes, a big difference, I was able to cut my pain meds in half since I started getting them :). It's important to find someone who is good though...the one I went to for a long time had special training in the spinal area. The lady I just tried had a specialty in scar tissue!