Team Sarcoma

It's International Sarcoma Week!

In 2006, I was able to participate in Denmark during this week to raise money and awareness for sarcoma. Askin's Tumor, the cancer I had, is a type of sarcoma.

Check out the Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative website for the details for this year's event and how you might be able to get involved!!


May they be blessed on their bike riding and journey this week!

Today, I am grateful for friends, family and God!



Lindsay said...

Rach I think some day you and I should be on that bike ride :)

Obsessedwithlife said...

Lindsay-Oh definitely! I want to again one day for sure!!

empy said...

It wasn't the same without you, but it was awesome! You would have LOVED this year - lots of young people from all over the world. We stayed up late the last night and had way too much fun. Oh the laughter! LOVE you. :)