Happy New Year!

My 2009 in review...

Various jobs this year:
  • The usual inspirational speaking
  • Working at a cute maternity clothing boutique that unfortunately closed
  • Giving out Bolthouse Farms samples of smoothies and salad dressings at various grocery stores
  • Babysitting here and there
  • Since February, enjoying my job at an upscale children's clothing boutique
  • Passed the 5 year No Evidence of Cancer Anniversary on May 19th!
  • Went through extensive testing on my arms and back (nerve conduction, etc.) as there has been pain and various numbness since November of 2009...all the tests came back normal-The symptoms are probably from radiation and scar tissue-and it's just something additional to learn to live with.
  • Chest pains this summer that came and went after a few weeks and testing that showed nothing...
  • Officially diagnosed with "chemo brain"
Classes Passed (1 semester until graduation from undergrad!):
  • Asian Art
  • Painting I
  • Figure Drawing
  • Art Therapy: History and Theory
  • History, Philosophy and Systems of Psychology
  • Phenomena: Shame, Guilt and Forgiveness
  • Art Therapy Apprenticeship-working on a medical psychiatric unit & a kids camp
  • Introduction to Measurement and Statistics (Psychology based)
  • Introduction to Research Methods
  • Ceramics I
  • Painting II
  • Intermediate Drawing
  • Art for Elementary Grades
  • Art Therapy Introduction
  • Personality Theory
Speaking, Teaching, and Volunteer Opportunities:
  • Belleville Catholic Conference for High Schoolers
  • Pike Press Scholars Banquet
  • Aaron Hubbell Memorial Golf Tournament
  • American Society of Interior Designers & Bone Marrow Drive Event
  • American Cancer Society's Relay for Life
  • Encounter
  • St. Mary's Hospital Celebration for Life Luncheon
  • Cameron Siemers for Hope- Santa Ana, CA
  • Taught an art class to children at hospital I was treated at
  • Various work with the American Pain Foundation as a PCAC member
  • Accepted position recently on a board of young professionals that assist local cancer charities
My husband and I were in 5 wonderful weddings and Godparents in our nephew's baptism.

Rest in Peace: Gabe's Grandpa, Gabe's cousin David, my Grandma, our friends- Jenny and Don

Trips: Minneapolis, MN; bed and breakfast for our 1 year wedding anniversary!; Santa Ana, California; Des Moines, IA

Thankful for: the return to health of various friends and family, the love and support of friends, family and God and endless blessings.

Much was learned, many tears were cried but there was so much fun and love to go around too!

Looking forward to everything on the horizon for 2010...



Unknown said...

Very nice Rach! I want to do my 2009 in Review now!

Bethany said...

You are so fabulously accomplished! I loved your year in review. My favorite was being disease free for 5 years. How awesome! I can't wait for that moment. Wishing you good health and many blessing in 2010.

Meg Rodgers said...

Sounds like a great year! Best wishes for 2010!

Anonymous said...

May you continue to have a wonderful year this year too.
Debbie Nagy

junglemama said...

COngratulations on hitting that awesome milestone!