Hello, August and Traveling!

LinkAs my mother says, 'You give back, you don’t give up.' You can always choose to help others. If you do, it will change you. —Susan Ford
As always, time is flying by, and where did the summer go? This summer has been AMAZING and is definitely not even close to being over.

  • PRACTICUM: with eating disorders has been fascinating. The community of patients and professionals has been very welcoming and supportive. I'm learning a lot and look forward to continuing there through December.
  • MEDICAL ART THERAPY CLASS: It was great to learn new things about the type of art therapy I am most aware of and help explain things to other classmates.
  • AMERICAN ART THERAPY ASSOCIATION: The national annual conference was in Washington, D.C. I was honored to speak at a morning plenary session about my experiences with art therapy as a patient and now as a graduate student. It was wonderful to meet many other art therapists, including a few famous names. There was a lot of great inspiration! I also had a nice time visiting with my aunt, an artist, who lives there.
  • BROTHER: He graduated with his Doctorate in Pharmacy and has passed all the tests! So proud of him!
  • BAPTISM & WEDDINGS: Our adorable Godson, Isaac, was baptized. We have had a friend wedding and a cousin wedding, with a couple more to go this year! Definitely fun to celebrate!
  • FRIENDS: Lots of fun dinners, lunches, etc. and catching up!
  • INDIANAPOLIS: Tomorrow I am speaking in Indianapolis and look forward to meeting people from the Matthew Debono Scholarship Fund (who helped pay for my summer classes and practicum).
  • FRANCE, SPAIN and PORTUGAL: I will be going on my pilgrimage soon. I can't wait and hope to share upon return!

More excitement on the horizon and it'll be fun to share as it happens...

Today, I am grateful for: life, opportunities, the generosity of others, health, family, friends and God.



Claudine said...

Rachel - Wanted to express to you once again - What an honor it was to meet you this weekend and to hear your miraculous story. So grateful you joined us. Wish you the best in your travels to Europe to spread your words of wisdom. - Claudine (Debono) Holloway

Obsessedwithlife said...

Thanks. I'm so happy it worked out too! It was joy to meet your family and friends-what a wonderful group!

David Haas said...

I have a question about your blog. Please email me!