Trees of Hope

Trees of Hope- donated to Scrabble at the Sheldon to benefit Our Lady of Perpetual Help

"...I got to witness a miracle.  How many people can say that to St. Peter when they reach the pearly gates?  Huh?  You're a complete flatline.  Nothing and then..."  

"You must think about why..."  

"Why what?"
"Why you?  Why did you get a second chance.  God just doesn't show off-there's got to be a reason.  God gave you a second chance.  Don't squander this gift you've been given...[The scars] saved your life...they're beautiful."

-Charlie St. Cloud (30 min. mark and 57 min. mark)

I found this quote floating around in some papers when I was cleaning the other day...I am gearing up for my speech with Mitch Albom on Thursday and Thanksgiving/fall break from school.  Can't wait! 

Today, I am thankful for: family, friends, each day, good and not so fun experiences, miracles and God.


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