Spreading My Cancer Story...

Today we did presentations on cancer in my Human Health and Disease class. I had 'Skin Cancer' which was one of the easier ones, compared to breast, testicular, lung and colon. I was glad to do skin but would rather have done sarcoma, hehee or even better, Askin's Tumor. Although, Askin's Tumor is so rare my presentation would have been about um, like 1 minute.

So, during this whole class period of presentations, I was thinking how clinical and mundane and boring this all was, even for me, a 3-time cancer survivor. I decided the class needed to hear from a live face, a cancer survivor. They seemed like a good group-asking interesting and genuine questions of the presenters. I approached the prof after class and told him I was a cancer survivor, I do speaking around the country (and world), yada yada yada. He looked surprised about it all, as most people do. He thought it was such a great idea for me to speak to the class that I am going to speak to the class on Tuesday. Should be interesting. Trying to decided how in-depth I want to get. Like, do I want to present my truly horrible, hard-to-look at pictures from bone marrow transplant? It would definitely add some "shock-value". I'll have to think about what I am "going for"-he said I can talk about whatever I want. I need to think about what I want them to know, to learn, to open their eyes to. I think at least 1 picture of me 'sick'/bald will help for sure. Right now I just look, well, extremely "healthy" even though looks can be SO deceiving...I have that to ponder this weekend.

On another cool note, a painting of mine, Cancer Angel (pictured above) is in an art show tonight at Kodner Gallery. It is to be auctioned off tonight for Friends of Kids with Cancer charity. It's also my dad's birthday so it should be a very fulfilling night. I'll let you know...


PS-I have MRIs tomorrow to check on the 'lucky penny' in my right scapula area. Prayers please!


Rachel's sister said...

Love the new blog! Of course, I love everything you do! :)

Anonymous said...

Hola ;).

empy said...

Mmmm...try to think of the issues that people really don't hear about very often. I mean, when they think of "cancer" you know they think of a bald person about to die right? What details can you fill in for them about the experience? Perhaps the life in the middle of the experience. And you know that you are one of the blessed ones to get good care for a rare tumor the first time around, and to have it covered by insurance. So many sarcoma survivors have botched surgeries because their doctors don't know much (if anything) about sarcoma.

Ahhh, I could go on. Just fill in the blanks for people who haven't been there. And prepare them for being there some day, because someone they know will face cancer, if they don't. How can they get through it mentally, emotionally, physically? How can they help a loved-one get through it?

HUGS and prayers for ALL CLEAR once again!