Adventures & Congratulations!

Congratulations Cameron and Katie!!
Have fun on your honeymoon!

Where to begin? What an adventure! I was actually on a road-trip the last couple of days with family and visiting with friends-old and new!

The main purpose of the trip was to attend the wedding of a guy friend from college. It was crazy because I realized somehow 4 years had passed since our last get-together. I had not even met his (now) wife in person but felt like I knew her. How great it was to introduce my fiance to them too...more amazing people in my life finally meeting. They are gearing up to come our way for our wedding too. It reminded me of this book my cousin and I would read, highlight and tease about when we were little-they described friends as being like "old sweaters". We didn't know anyone when we came to the ceremony but left feeling like a part of the family-talking extensively with Cameron's brother and getting to know some aunts and his mom. Truly a treat all around and to learn of the prayers these people that I had never met had said for me!

The trip was even extended and turned into my whole family going with Gabe (fiance) and I and staying with relatives, which added MANY belly-aching laughs, extreme comfort levels and a much-needed getaway from school, work for some of us, doctors and everything else. I also got to explore a new, awesome art museum which is always renewing for me. I even found some gifts in the gift shop there!

I also have not written about it yet but have stopped taking one of my intestinal medicines and it has been going very well! I am down 2 pills now-down to 18 maybe? It's still a lot but it's something.

Exhausted but still smiling.

Today, I am grateful for: friends, family, laughter, vacations, weddings and home!



Anonymous said...

Road trips, museums and getting off of pills. Whoohooo! :-) Sorry but I cannot help you set up e-mail posting. That is a wordpress feature, and you're using blogger. I have no clue! I really wish we lived closer. Oh the laughs we'd have. :-) HUGS.

Diana said...

Going to see family and getting away from it all is always so nice! I'm glad you got to do it and that you had fun! Took notes on Sat. for you, though he had a handout which Kelly picked up for you! See ya!

Sherry said...

The best of times with family and friends creates the best of memories! Sounds like you had a fabulous time!!

Wonderful news that you are taking less pills..I know you are still taking a lot but it's got to feel good to reduce even by 1 or 2!!

Obsessedwithlife said...

Mary-Thanks for the attempted help! Onto Plan B.

Diana-Thanks for the notes!

Sherry-Thanks for your kind wishes as always!