Team Sarcoma

I wanted to present a unique and wonderful opportunity (that I had the privilege of being involved with in the past) to support the Cancer World, in particular the Sarcoma World. It involves traveling to amazing places, getting exercise from biking through these places, raising money for badly needed cancer research and meeting amazing people and making life-long memories. And it is all possible through the Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative.

I went to Denmark for this very sort of thing in 2006. It was truly life-changing and it was neat to see my family and friends rally around me in support-financially, emotionally, spiritually, etc. I made some life-long friends and had to lean on (then) strangers for help. I was unable to bike each day but rode the bus with a couple of others. The first picture above shows the end of the biking with a finale in Copenhagen. The second picture is of luminaires on the beach to honor the survivors of cancer-whether on earth or in heaven.
The next trip is being held July 12-20, 2008 in Germany and Austria, biking along the Danube River from Passau, Germany to Vienna, Austria. Sure wish I could be there with everyone but because of the wedding and other reasons, I will only be there in spirit.

There are also opportunities to organize local simultaneous Team Sarcomas wherever you live in the world which is also a terrific way to help this amazing cause!

For more info, leave a comment, email my friend, Bruce Shriver (shriver@genesis2.com) or visit:

Today, I am grateful for: a smooth presentation at school, wonderful organizations, working out and family and friends



Anonymous said...

Man, I wish I could bike. This year's tour sounds like the best one yet! If it was a train tour...oh yeah. You, me, a hot bumpy train ride? LOL Ahh, good times! The world will never know the extent of our good times! :-) I don't think I ever saw that first picture. I look lost.

Anonymous said...

Yeah..I never saw these pictures either! You left me in class all alone to take this trip so at the very least you could have shared the pics! I miss the old days of catching up in class...we need to find something to take together again so we can pass notes. (Actually my grades are better now...so maybe not.)

Obsessedwithlife said...

Thanks ladies!

Mary-I SO wish I could go on the trip next summer

Brandy-never saw your pics either from Europe!