Friends of Kids with Cancer!

I just returned from the 'Friends' fashion show where kids with cancer get to be real models for a day (I was a model quite a few times with my 3 rounds of cancer and always LOVED it-sometimes I was bald or sometimes I had my 'artsy' short haircut-see 2 of the years above)...What an event!...So many memories, new and old! I believe back in '99, that was the place of one of my first speeches-to kick off my 'career' as a speaker that has now spread nationally...what a time warp.

It's always so wonderful to see everyone-the families in treatment, the doctors and hospital people, the people who support the organization, the families done with treatment and the brave families who have lost their children or family members-how I love them all so much and consider them family!

Yay Friends of Kids with Cancer for doing SO much for families with cancer! One of the best organizations I've come across and that I've personally benefited SOOO much from...can't really imagine where I would be without them and all the people that support them.

Today, obviously I am grateful for: Friends of Kids with Cancer!




Sherry said...

What a wonderful, worthwhile organization and how thrilling that you have been part of this fashion show in the past. Being there could only have brought back good memories!
Beautiful photographs...2 very different styles of dress and hair style...no matter how much or how little hair you had Rachel...you were smiling a smile of love and sunshine in both photos. Your spirit and your soul just shine right through!

Diana said...

I LOVE that short do on you, but I've told you that before. The dresses are also very pretty, especially that second one! That's awesome that you go to these event still to support others.