Grey's Anatomy

One of the only shows I have time or want to watch on a regular basis is Grey's Anatomy. Who else watches it??

Maybe it's the fact that it's not the 'real hospital', maybe it's because I am fascinated with medical stuff-always have been-even B.C. (before cancer), maybe it's that I like to point out what is being done wrong at Seattle Grace...Whatever it is, it's a nice escape and end to my school week...something I enjoy with friends, Fiance or my mom.

Anyways, TGIF and good wishes to everyone!

Today, I am grateful for: friends and family!

Tomorrow's adventure: Engagement pics



Ria said...

One of my favorite shows:)

Rachel's sister said...

definitely one mof my favorite shows too! unfortunately i had to miss it last night. :( good luck with the photos today! love ya!