Erin Bode

Ok, warning, gasp: a post not about cancer! Yay! Heehee.

Anyways, I am a HUGE fan of music-most types really. I get bored with one type and on to the next and back again. I've been grateful to see lots of amazing concerts over the years and tonight was no exception. What's better than getting to see someone you heard was great and wanted to see, sitting in the front row at a sold out show, and having free tickets? Well, that's what happened tonight with Erin Bode. Quite a treat.
One last hooray before my huge project is due next Thursday...Don't worry, I'm still going to try to blog each day for a little break.

So, check out Erin Bode, let me know what you think!

ABOUT ERIN (from her website-http://www.erinbode.com/about.html)
Vocalist Erin Bode (pronounced BOH-DEE) has a beautiful, crystal clear voice that is too exquisite to miss. She has consistently won over audiences with her sweet personality and sincere performances. Her distinctive repertoire and crossover appeal - evoking comparisons to Eva Cassidy and Norah Jones - have proven equally at home in grand venues or relaxed clubs.

The Erin Bode Group have performed nationwide at venues such as Blues Alley in Washington D.C., Zanzibar Blue in Philadelphia, and at Sweet Rhythm in New York. They have also been in Europe twice, touring in Italy.

In late 2006, they traveled to South Africa to work with the Themba Girls' School Choir. Most recently, Erin performed with Garrison Keillor on A Prairie Home Companion at the Fabulous Fox.


Today, I am grateful for: beautiful music, friends and family (and procrastinating-speaking of-better go study!)


PS-Thanks again for the great comments and emails!


Rachel's sister said...

Wow! Front row?!?!? I'm jealous! Can't wait to hear about the concert. Love and hugs!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is looking great, my dear! I hope you had fun at the concert. I have some color back in my face, ain't that cool? HUGS!