What a strange holiday! It doesn't feel like Halloween. I'm at school, I don't have a costume, and I'm a little old to trick-or-treat. Well, hopefully I will see some trick-or-treaters around :). So cute!

Today, I am thankful for: Family, friends and those little candy pumpkins and candy corn-Yum!

Happy Halloween!



Allison said...

umm... remember when I was hula dancer and you were a fat, bald, man for halloween? best. costume. ever. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the card! I'm having fun baking my favorite cake over here. Jason is out planting bulbs for me. How sweet. ;)

Anonymous said...

For Halloween I'm going to be a computer geek and play on my laptop ;).

Obsessedwithlife said...

Al-How could I forget?? The look on people's faces-Priceless! Oh man. Some of the advantages of baldness :)

Mary-Happy Bday and Go Jason!

Gabe-Still love you!

Sherry said...

uuummmm huummmm candy pumpkins and candy corn!!! Love those!!