Happy Halloween-Part 2!

Happy Halloween (again)!
(yes, I put a red tint on the pic in case you were wondering!)

I just had to post again after my vigourous hour of raking, although I usually restrict myself to 1 post a day! Haha.

Anyways, it was so nice to do something fall-ish on Halloween and something that made me feel more 'normal'. It was also a nice counter-action to having to go to the Dr on Monday for a shot (ugh).

I hadn't really raked for about 9 years-hard to believe! I was sick for SO many years...the last time really sticks out too because it was right before I was diagnosed. My back was hurting SOO much and my Dad said, "Rachel, what would you like me to do?... Surgery? It's not going to help your back."

Poor guy-he's never lived that comment down. At that point, the pediatrician had assured us my pain was from an overly heavy backpack, like all the other kids...

I am grateful for getting a working out doing normal things, having had that surgery that relieved the tumor off my spine and enjoying the fall weather.



Sherry said...

I'm so happy for you that you wanted to do 2 posts! I'm so happy for you that you did something "normal" like rake leaves!!! It feels so good when we can just do something "simple" like that.

I could hear the glee in your words!!!

Obsessedwithlife said...

Haha, I have SO many ideas that I could probably do 2 posts a day but I limit myself for various reasons ;).

Thanks, as always, for the lovely comments!