'Rachel Square Face' & 'Shanghai Surprise'

This is my lovely project that took the whole semester thus far to put together between designing the architectural floor plan, site plan of the complex, exterior elevation, interior elevations, perspective drawings, lighting and reflected ceiling plan, custom designed cabinet, FFEs (furnishings, finishes and equipment) for everything-walls, floors, ceilings, etc., researching Shanghai and Chinese design, typical materials, costs, etc. ETC.
Part 2: Oral Surgery for Wisdom Teeth Removal...

The rundown-

-I now have a very square face, no bruising thus far, the ice cream diet isn't too bad.

-I have not run around crazy like I have after previous surgeries (like going to a concert the day after my gall bladder was removed...and then developing shingles in my eye!)

-It has brought flashbacks of a major oral surgery I had when I was 13, before cancer (stuff before cancer is like a whole different world in my brain)

-They used the port and the oral surgeon even got excited about using it-something new and different for him...

-The lady overseeing me in 'recovery' really upset me-first, she is drill-sergeant style in my face as I woke up from surgery and proceeds to semi-yell "Open your eyes!" repeatedly. Then she realizes who I am and starts telling me how I'm a miracle and puts her arm around me, etc. (ugh). Then the kicker--she had no clue where I was treated and proceeds to talk about (out of the blue) her something-in-law's baby that died and was killed by the hospital that SAVED my life. And how she'd never go there and anyone she knows shouldn't go there, etc. With the anesthesia and mouth full of gauze, I was frustrated I couldn't even talk back. Oh well, she wouldn't have listened to me anyhow...

So that was my yesterday-sleep, ice packs and gauze.

Today, I am thankful for: sleeping through the night, having wonderful family and friends! I don't think I've text messaged so much as I have in the last 24 hours!

Ciao! Have a good Saturday-I hope it's sunny wherever you are!



Anonymous said...

Well that's only fair, cuz you've caused flashbacks of my two major oral surgeries BEFORE cancer, which I had all together forgotten. BAD Rachel. LOL It really was a different world, wasn't it? That got me thinking about the stitches in my foot and my lip, the migraines and knee pain when I hit puberty, the brick to my head when I was 3, getting 7 teeth pulled at one time, having a terrible bladder function test when I was 12. Geez, I'd rather do school work than think about all that. I didn't realize what a medical freak I really was until I started putting all of this together. Thanks again for that!

Diana said...

Glad your surgery went well! Your project looks awesome! I really do like it! So I did end up going to Rockford because last minute they found replacements for Hans and I on the team, so we didn't have to go to the game. Anyway, hopefully I"ll see you tomorrow when I go hassle Jenny again! - Diana