A Sight to be Seen!

This was the view during my ride home last night (thankfully traffic was inching forward so I could snap some pictures!). I thought I'd share.

Wish me luck...I'm off to a stop at the oncologist and then oral surgery!

Thankful for: family and friends and prayers and rainbows :)


(thank you to Maria for being my Super Web Gal and posting this for me today!!)


Diana said...

That's so pretty! I was probably stuck at work and unable to see that! Looks like Rockford may be happening after all, long story, so I might not be visiting you tomorrow!Sending all sorts of positive energy your way!

Rachel's sister said...

I saw it too last night! I think it was the biggest, most beautiful rainbow I've ever seen! :) Love you!

Sherry said...

Good luck at the onc and the dentist...and wasn't that an omen...seeing a beautiful rainbow last night!!

Obsessedwithlife said...

Indeed. Thanks for all the comments. When I woke up from sleeping all day they made me smile (inside). My mouth hurts too much to smile outside. But I'm doing ok.

Anonymous said...

you deserve a rainbow EVERYDAY. :)

Anonymous said...

The second and third days always suck! Thank goodness they will be OVER soon. HUGS.