Young Adult Inspirational Story

I wanted to tell you about a great piece that was done on ABC's Nightline program. It aired a few weeks ago but I just got around to watching it last night. The guy's name is Frank O'Day and he is going through treatment for Stage 4 Hodgkin's Lymphoma. He was very inspirational and the video link is below. Additionally, I was excited because Dr. Karen Albritton, an expert in young adult cancer, was also in the piece. I met Dr. Albritton a couple years ago when I spoke in Los Angeles to doctors from around the country. It was at a conference for CureSearch (COG) and my speech was about young adult cancer.



Today, I am thankful: for a relaxing lunch with a great friend, seeing some of my old co-workers, getting a package in the mail!



Anonymous said...

Rachel, first let me say i love that you are making the effort to share your experiences, wisdom and especially your gratitude with others... it is awesome to see you in action.

And i too watched the story on Nightline... things are definitely changing in the young adult world... long overdue and great to see.

Live life. Love life.


Anonymous said...

Frank was my roommate and a great person. Amazing how he has connected with so many people.