All Souls Day

Today is All Souls Day.

Above is a picture of my Angel Shelf.

All Souls Day: The commemoration of all the faithful departed is celebrated by the Church on November 2nd, or, if this be a Sunday or a solemnity, on November 3rd.

Today, I want to honor all those people who have passed away- all those I know and do not know. I want to pray for them and think of them today. There are so many special people in my life that are not here anymore and I think of them probably every day. I have a couple shelves in my room to honor them with angels, pictures and other things that are significant to me-my Angel Shelf.

I would love to put their names here but there are too many and I know I'd forget someone special so I will keep them in my heart and let you honor your loved ones too! Today, I am having lunch with one of the moms of one of the sweet little boys who passed away in the last year!!

Today, I am grateful for: life, life after death, family and friends!


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Ria said...

I totally love the angel shelf - awesome idea and way to remember your friends and other angels out there:)