Guess what today is?

It's 11/11! It has always been a number that I have liked since I was little. If I see a clock at 11:11, I tend to get excited and make a wish and pray. I guess my father started it-he likes it too and would remind me. As I have grown up, I continue to partake in the 'tradition'. I have 'spread the word' to family and friends.

I read/heard somewhere that some people think 11:11 is angelic time. I like that :).

So, today is 11/11. May yours be lucky, spiritual, enlightening or just plain normal-whatever you desire it to be!

Today, I am grateful for: friends, family, God, miracles




Dee said...

I always make a wish when I see 11:11 (am of course, because pm it isn't really 11:11 lol) on the clock.

The tradition of 11:11 can be marked back to the Mayans and probably even further. It's all rather interesting if you ever look into the history of it.

I hope you have an AMAZING 11/11 love. :)

Ria said...

I had the same thought since 11 has always been my lucky number:). So fun!

lahdeedah said...

I love 11. I've always felt there was something mystical about the number. Very cool to read this... (Jill)

Rachel's sister said...

:) I've always made a wish at 11:11 too! But I didn't know so many others did too. hugs!

Obsessedwithlife said...

Bonding over 11:11-I LOVE it!