Planet Cancer

Planet Cancer-you may ask-what's that? Well it's...

a community of young adults with cancer. (You know, that age between "pediatric" and "geriatric," where no one knows whether to give you a lollipop or have a serious talk about your fiber intake.) It's a place to share insights, explore our fears, laugh, or even give the finger to cancer with others who just plain get it. We don't deny the dark side of illness and death here. But we also firmly believe that laughter and light can turn up in the strangest places.

The organization is run by Heidi Adams, an amazing Ewing's Sarcoma survivor and good friend of mine!

They have amazing retreats (I've been to two), even ones for couples, they have a worldwide message board on their site. They have been and are pioneering the young adult cancer movement. They rock!

I have recommended their site to not just young adults with cancer, I think everyone can find something inspiring and fun on their website: http://www.planetcancer.org/html/index.php

You can even find stuff like this:

Top 10 albums for MRI scans

Criteria: should be around an hour long, be loud enough and at the right tempo to drown out the jackhammer noises, but not too toe-tappy that the techs have to do the scan again!

The Darkness- Permission To Land
Foo Fighters- There Is Nothing Left To Lose
Ministry Of Sound- Classics (pushes the toe-tappin' rule)
Fat Boy Slim- You've Come A Long Way Baby
Jamiroquai- A Funk Odyssey
Metallica- Black album
Green Day- Dookie
Placebo- Once More WIth Feeling
Franz Ferdinand- You Could Have It So Much Better
The Killers- Sam's Town

So, Planet Cancer, I encourage you to keep taking over the planet, you're awesome!

Today, I am grateful for: so much new stuff for young adult cancer survivors, family, God, friends and tasting wedding cake later and going to Trader Joe's-love that place!!



Rachel's sister said...

yum! wedding cake! need any help with that? :)

Dee said...

OMG I love markets (Trader Joes, Whole Foods, even 7-11...I just love wandering up and down the aisles, blame my mom for that!).

And wedding cake tasting is definitely uber fun. Trust me, take tiny bites, or else you'll just end up with a stomach ache.

Thanks so much for the Planet Cancer link, I'm checking it out now!

I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful day.

Obsessedwithlife said...

Kelly-possibly, dear bridesmaid! They wanted me to make an appt.

Dee-Don't you though? I took my time looking at everything and spent a lot of money-oops!

As far as Planet Cancer, there are so many other great ones! I will be talking about them in the future-I know the people that run a lot of them-so cool!

Thanks, have a great day too!


Dee said...

I do that too! I seriously just browse for hours and hours. My mom loves the market too though so I'm pretty sure that's where I got it from. It's so...stress releasing. Maybe that's bizarre, but I love just touching and smelling everything, and all the fresh produce and the great products. It's seriously, one of my simple pleasures, that I just have to have.

Wild About Words said...


Enjoy that wedding cake . . . and all that it implies. Keep on doing all the good things you're doing.

You rock!

SweetAnnee said...

Love your MRI list of best songs..I listened to Diana Krall
when I was in "the tube"
smiles, Deena

Obsessedwithlife said...

Thanks for stopping by!