Just some thoughts...

I saw this recently and thought it was note-worthy and I edited it a bit!

Stop doing stuff you don’t need to do! Think about the crazy amounts of stuff on your to-do list. Now think about why you’re doing each one. Does it make you happy, earn you needed money or benefit you in any other profound way? If the answer is no, cut it. Slash and burn!

Obviously, there are things like paying bills, thankless work projects and calling certain people in your life that must be done in the name of harmony and avoiding unemployment. But guaranteed, there is fat to trim in your calendar, and every task you drop is energy saved!

Today, I am grateful for a night to relax ahead of me (so tired and need a break!), God, friends, family, positive messages from all over :).




Anonymous said...

This totally made me laugh because my old boss used to walk around telling us all to figure out what we could stop doing and what we needed to start doing in order to get more work done. Although I think it was her nice way of telling us to stop goofing off so much!

Sherry said...

Rachel how wise. For a young woman you speak like one who has lived for many years. What a blessing!!

Obsessedwithlife said...

Brandy-that's funny.


Rachel's sister said...

Darn! I was hoping to be able to cross off paying bills and doing stuff like laundry! :) lol Still some very good advice though. Love you!