Back to School I Go

Just checking in! The first day of classes is going well. For one class, I have to draw in a sketchbook every day for a little bit. That'll be really good for me :), something I should be doing anyways and actually something I will look forward to! In commercial interior design, we are going to be working on an OBGYN office...should be interesting. I have a little bit of an edge since I've lived at the hospital at certain times :)- I tried not to ask too many specific questions to make me stand out.

Here's a quote:

Adversity causes some men to break; others to break records.
-William A. Ward

Have a good one!

Today, I am grateful that my classes are being let out early and I had lunch with friends, that I am going to go run fun errands, for family, life, learning and friends and God.



Mamacita said...

I totally LOVE that quote and agree with it 100 percent. It is what you do when bad things happen that make you who you are.

Dee said...

Oooh the office design sounds interesting. I bet your 'edge' will definitely give you a different insight than others. But let's face it, as long as the waiting room chairs are comfortable, and there's quality programming on a nice TV, and some yummy drinks, any office can be wonderful...lol.

I'm glad your first day is going so well!

Lindsay said...

You nailed it when you said it's lonely. I love that quote too!

Obsessedwithlife said...

Thanks Maria!

Dee-Thanks-good ideas :). How's school going for you?

Lindsey-forgot to say how sometimes I feel so lucky and like my 'secret' is so cool. It's one of those things that some days I feel lonely and sometimes I feel on to of the world because I'm still alive, ya know?


Sherry said...

Having a sketchbook and the "obligation" to use it every day is a good thing!! Having an inside track/edge on an ob/gyn office is also a good thing!