If they only knew...

Apparently, I am the healthiest person in my Nutrition and Weight Control class.

The other night, during class, we all took a little survey and I was the only person ranked in the 'very healthy' category. I saw some of the eyes of the smokers, etc. giving me an evil glare like, "you healthy goody two-shoes" or maybe I just imagined that part. I was cracking up internally, thinking, yeah, right, if you only knew about my history, about how my insides aren't in the best shape-the outside is very deceiving...The survey did not ask about illness or side effects of illness or medications. It mainly was considered with drugs (illegal ones), smoking, eating too much, exercise, sleep, etc.

Today, I am grateful for: the health I DO have, friends, family, God and TGIF...survived week 1 of school!


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Jaime said...

So funny you posted this....so, as you may have been able to tell from some old blog posts of mine, I have some Eating Issues. I do see a nutritionist down here and she's great.....and I was just telling her on monday about how in my Medical Nutrition class, we have to do dietary assessements on ourselves and everyone else will be so healthy, because I always see them drinking their water and eating their carrot sticks....and do you know what she told me? 15-30% of nutritionists/dieticians/etc have or have had eating issues/eating disorders. As she said, what better way to hide it? It made sense to me (although that's not why I'm taking nutrition classes). But I was shocked when she said that....so i'm not too shocked to read this.