Suggestions from you!

So, ladies (and gents), as I said before, I'm doing a project on OB/GYN office (they focus on high risk pregnancies). So I guess I'm giving you a little survey/questionaire. The gentleman can say what they think makes better doctor's offices in general or what would make your visit with your wife, girlfriend, whoever better!

Questions: What would like to see differently at your doctor's office in general or at the OB/GYN's office? What would enhance your experience?? I have thought of robes vs. sheets, calming fountains, perhaps.

Thanks in advance for your help. I will be eternally grateful!

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empy said...

I love the idea of art on the ceilings...since you have to lie down for those icky exams. One gyn I went to had classical music playing in the exam rooms, and I liked it, though it was a little too loud.

Comfy chairs and tasteful art in the waiting room can make all the difference.

Anonymous said...

1.Make sure the sheets they put around you (or robes or whatever) are big enough for a regular OR pregnant person. (So embarrasing when your bum is sticking out).
2. Put a small stool in the room so your kids can stand near YOUR HEAD if you are getting an exam and you have to have the kids there.
3. Water cooler b/c often times you need a urine sample and can't go.
4. Small place for toys/books for kids (even better -TV with kids movies) for when you are there waiting 4ever with them.
5.Things on the ceiling to look at are always nice to take your mind off the nastiness of the exam.
6. Ultrasound machine located where patient, DR and ALL others (dad, kids, etc) can see the screen.
7. The scale at my OBs office is in this tiny aclove and it is really awkward when the nurse is trying to weigh you b/c she can't really reach it. Also it is in the hallway where it is not really private and some ppl are wierd about their weight (especially when they are pregnant).
8. My OB also does a really nice job of having wall hangings/artwork/etc about babies but also about TRYING to have babies (b/c some people can't get pregnant, etc). There is this nice not too cheesy poem on there about God's timing and babies and stuff. It is really nice.
9.Comfy chairs for pregnant women to sit in while they wait - I also think one of those back rub things you can put on your chair would be kind of cool. They have them at Walgreen's.

Lindsay said...

Definitely colors other than white and cream. Calming pastels. Definitely fountains. Some sort of calming music or a tv built onto the wall in each room so you aren't sitting in nervous silence. Robes...pillows...a tea/coffee/cocoa bar. lol I have a lot of time to think in the waiting room.

Rachel's sister said...

I vote for warmer exam rooms! :) And I like the idea of robes instead of those stupid paper thingys... Maybe wireless interet for the guys. hee hee

Love you sister!

Anonymous said...

How about comfortable chairs to sit in while you wait?

Obsessedwithlife said...

Thanks everyone for the AMAZING suggestions! You don't know how much this helps! Keep 'em coming!


Jaime said...

hey there....did I tell you I worked in an ob/gyn office for the past 6 years (parttime during school, fulltime last year)??
From my own personal experience....sloan-kettering had great fabric robes - thermal, so they kept you warm, and they went past your knees, so your tush wasn't hanging out for everyone to see. and the sheets to cover yourself WERE actually hospital sheets......they were great.
From my work experience - we used to give kids lollipops (with parents permission) to keep them quiet(er), played music, and my doc (who was also my boss) would tell me everything she was doing right before and as she was doing it, even though i'd been through it a billion times before - it was nice not to be surprised. ;)

Lindsay said...

For some reason I had an Onc. office in my head, I guess my suggestions could go for an OBGYN office too!

Obsessedwithlife said...

Thanks Jaime!

Lindsey-no prob! That'd be so much better if it was an onc office ;). I'd hope I's get an A. heehee.

lahdeedah said...

To go back a few posts: You're like a whole new Rachel to me now that I know you listen to Ani Difranco, Ray Lamontagne and Wolfmother :)

Also, I saw your article in Cure, and you're even more gorgeous than the Mac effects photo on your blog.

As for docs' offices, I'd like my oncologist to send appointment notices and phone call/email reminders. My dentist does this, but strangely, not my oncologist. Come on! This population is a little forgetful!

Still waiting to hear from my bro about the resort on Rarotonga in the Cook Islands (South Pacific). I think it was called Rumors. They said it was totally amazing. And not expensive.



Obsessedwithlife said...

While the music was a compliation of everyone's lists, I DO listen to mostly anything and enjoy those artists :).

Thank you for the compliments!

Thanks for checking on the Cook Islands!


Anonymous said...

Anyone involved in setting up an OB/GYN office - please, please (I beg you!), DO NOT face the exam table towards the door! Honestly! Who wants to have your legs up in stirrups and be in fear that someone will open the door? Talk about saying, Hello World!!

Obsessedwithlife said...

Everyone has had such helpful ideas! Thanks so much...this will help my interior design project go more smoothly!