Plan for a long future but live in the moment.

I saw this today on the Crazy Sexy Cancer blog: Plan for a long future but live in the moment.

It prompted me to write today's post.

Isn't that life, really? We are always trying to plan, plan, plan and have to-do lists and this and that AND try to live in the moment. It's a balance and a challenge. For so long, I did not have a "future" or even long-term plans. I had plans for that day and that was a blessing. It's been a strange concept for me grasp-a future. And now, 4 1/2 years since it was not expected that I was supposed to make it, I realize I have a future-how long, none of us really knows.

So, I'm still somewhat in the mindset to live each day-doing something I want and taking time for myself and loving my friends, fiance and family as much as I can and making time for them because that is what is truly important. And now, I tentatively plan for my future, knowing that at any moment, it can change as it has so often...the starting and stopping of school many times, the health "bumps", etc. That's part of the reason I (if plans go as planned) I will end up with 3 small degrees-associate's in interior design, bachelor's in studio art and art therapy and a master's in art therapy because at any point, I could stop and be ok with that! I am just estatic to be finally earning the associate's in May. I realized I have been at this school on and off for 6 years! I'm finally reaching a goal and the journey has been wonderful in many ways!

Today, I am grateful to be so close to graduating, for new beginnings and endings, for the beautiful snow, friends, family and support from them all!! Love you all!!



Dee said...

No degree is small, no education you receive is minute, and no experience unnecessary.

Be proud of yourself every moment you breathe, every time you smile, and every beat your heart makes. You're an amazing human being with unlimited potential and I'm truly blessed to have you in my life.

And on a lighter note, tell me what the Prof said!

Lindsay said...

Wow you must have a lot of patience and strength to have been in and out of school for 6 years. Good for you for staying in! I love that us cancer folks stay and school and work just as hard, if not harder than everybody else. You make me feel not so alone on that level!!

Obsessedwithlife said...

Thanks Dee and Linds!

Linds-I went off to college and came back and did some continuing ed and all sorts of stuff in the meantime but yeah, I technically started school here with 1 class in 2002! It'll be going out of the comfort-zone here and moving onto a 4 yr colleg next semester but I can't wait!

Dee-Awww! The Prof liked my project a lot and shared some tidbits of advice on the OB/GYN office :).

Lindsay said...

Yeah definitely a good idea for a post. Everyone can share some horrible comments they have gotten! One person who didn't know me very well said they were surprised I had hair...and that they thought I was just wearing a really good wig. Ugghhh I wanted to be like you idiot get over the stereotype!! blahhh And for that matter...who cares about hair...it's about saving a life.

Obsessedwithlife said...

Linds-Oh, people-they are can be so crazy, even me :).
And yeah, hair is just hair when you get down to it! It's all about making the best of what you have at any moment in time.

Jaime said...

hey there.....I switched back to my old phone, and lost some emails/numbers bc of the SIM card thing....I lost your email, could you please email me? :) The roommate seems nice.....i think it will work. It will be different, but it'll work.

Dee said...

Annalin- I get that ALL THE FRIGGIN TIME! It drives me INSANE. I get that and the 'oh so when are you supposed to die?' question a lot.

One Mother with Cancer said...

My daughter told me this morning, "Mommy I'm glad that you didn't die." I said me too honey... What can you say to that. Just live for today and look forward to tomorrow.

Obsessedwithlife said...

Jaime-thanks. Email has gone out :).

One Mother-Thanks for the comment! Nice to 'meet' you! That is sad and extremely sweet at the same time. I am afraid of being a mother with all my health problems-like how long will I be around to see them!?