Lots of Rain

The snow that had taken over the city at the end of last week has now turned to lots of rain. As I drove to class today, it was coming down hard enough that it was hard to see where I was driving. It also reminded me of a story that happened last summer.

My family was road-tripping to the beach. I was taking my turn driving on a smaller highway. The sunny weather quickly turned into a summer tropical storm and I could not see and thought how extremely dark it had gotten and cars were pulling over. I pulled over. I curled up in a ball and went partially into the back seat so I wouldn't have to get out. My dad tried to open the door only to discover the umbrella instantly flipped inside out and the wind quickly shut the door. He then proceeded to somehow climb over me into the passenger seat! It was like a circus act!

After getting safely back on the road, I realized that I still had my sunglasses on but my family had not told me when I was driving-no wonder it was SO dark! It's funny to laugh about now...

Today, I am grateful for: staying healthy, making it through another day of classes (I'm not a huge fan of my classes this semester if you haven't figured that out!), friends, family and God.




Lindsay said...

hehehe that's funny and definitely something I would do!! I had an exfoliation treatment and a sea mud thermal wrap. It was an interesting sensation being covered in mud and wrapped up and literally cooked. It was nice though, my skin is sooooo soft! I thought the massage would bother me bc of my nerves but it was awesome.

Obsessedwithlife said...

Yes, if the person does it right, massage can do wonders for pain, including nerve pain which is what mine mainly is! Glad you got to experience that!

Mamacita said...

Lol! I could totally see that happen:).