Today is World Cancer Day

I was reading Doctor David's Blog and learned it was World Cancer Day! The theme this year is I Love My Smoke-Free Childhood. I think it's great to put awareness out there to parents that smoke-they are putting their kids at risk.

To read more go to Doctor David's Blog!

Today, I am grateful for another day with my 'sis', drills to make you sweat class, friends, family and God!



Dee said...

How freaking cute is that little cartoon?

Rachel's sister said...

Wow - I got a mention TWICE in 4 days! :) I'm so honored! Today was so fun - glad we had the time together! Love you bunches!

Doctor David said...

Hi Rachel,
Thanks for the free advertising!

Seriously, I'm glad you read the blog and glad you enjoyed it.

And yes, that is a REALLY FREAKING CUTE cartoon!

Obsessedwithlife said...

Dee-yes very cute :)

Kelly-oh yeahhhhh! It was a lovely day. Now, down to business.

Obsessedwithlife said...

Dr David-No prob-I always read the blog. It's on my GoogleReader! I've been learning a thing or two and emailing a few posts to my fiance and parents :)!

Jamie said...

What? They had that as the theme!? I LOVE it! I'm a day behind but I'm so posting about that on my blog! Go smoke free world!