Lucky Duck

Maybe I should knock on wood or I might be jinxing myself BUT I have just have to say I been so amazed by my immune system lately. Maybe it's the flu shot, maybe it's that I wash my hands a ton, maybe it's this or that but the fact is I haven't been sick lately and it seems everyone around me has! This is a FIRST for sure. For so many years, my immune system has been suppressed and I guess part of me assumed it would be like this forever and I'm sure to an extent, that's true. I was the first to get sick, the last to heal and it usually turned into something worse...not a good combo. Even a year ago from now, I had a pretty serious infection in my blood. I know those days will most likely come again but for now I am content to just battle this exhaustion from the new(er) nerve meds (from Nov-Dec time) and not be sick on top of it!

Thank God!!

Today, I am grateful for: one less 'challenge' in life lately-that of not being sick, a wonderful night last night!!, a morning of extended rest, life, friends, family and God.

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Dee said...

YAY! *hugs you tightly*

You lucky duck you...cheeky little fellow.