Planet Cancer goes BIG!

The amazing organization that my friend, Heidi, runs-Planet Cancer, for young adults with cancer (typically 20s and 30s)-they just released a NEW AND IMPROVED PLANET...

It's pretty nifty, I have to admit. Check it out for yourself!

Today, I am grateful for: a special movie night last night, finally getting to see one of my favorite people on the 'planet' today, love, friends, fam and God



Dee said...


Ahem. :)

Nick Raitt said...

So I was reading up on your story again. I must have totally spaced the last time I read it or just have chemo brain like usual because I had no idea you played field hockey. Thats so rad! I play ice hockey which I know is a little different but is still similar. I may try out for the college team this summer. Depends on if I have enough weight back on me. Ha.
Also, are you really from Missouri? I have been there once for a family reunion. We drove there from Utah, so we went through Kansas. I must say all that exists in Kansas is CORN and more CORN.
p.s. I think my mom is either about to or has sent you "The Secret". I must tell you now though I do not agree with everything but most of it is very cool. I think you will feel the same way.
Nice talking with ya.