MRI results

(even though I don't think you read this ;))

Well...the thoracic spine looked good but we are not sure how the right scapula area looks because the (idiotic-sorry) tech didn't do the scan right! She semi-blew me off yesterday when I told her she was doing it different than the other times. She told me-'You're thin so all your scans will fit on the spinal board'. Well apparently, lady, you were wrong!

The hospital has offered to do the second one for 'free'. Great. Not sure how that's going to work into the next couple weeks with midterms-the day of the MRIs make me feel pretty gross afterwards from the medicine they inject in me. My stomach and body are still achy 24+ hours later! (Plus it's pretty painful for me to lay in the positions that are needed for my scans.) GRR!

So, yeah...I'm a bit frustrated.

The other good news is that my doctor (who is amazing, have I said that enough? ;)) and I agreed to wean me off of the nerve meds-the tiredness and clouded feeling that they have been giving me is definitely not worth the benefits at this point. So that will happen over the next couple of months-Yay! So, if the pains get worse again, I will up the doses of some of my other current medicine.

So good news and unknown news...

Today, I'm grateful for: some good news, a wonderful meeting about the wedding, my brother is 21-HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATTY! I LOVE YOU!!, family, friends and God.



Dee said...

UGH stupid stupid stupid tech. How frustrating! At least they are offering to try and fix it, but still, sheesh.

I was hoping you'd have an update up, I was about to email you actually and see how it went. I'm sorry you feel so icky/achy/crappy, I hate that lingering feeling too. And those positions! Man, talk about awkward.

I adore you to bits and pieces and hope you're doing well love.

Obsessedwithlife said...

Thanks for checking! How is your work trip/time with Mils goin??

Now, back to my attempt at the pileup of schoolwork! :)


Dee said...

We have officially seen each other for...three hours in total, at the most. *makes mean face*

Work is, work. I have been doing pretty much nothing else but work lol.

How's the schoolwork? I just emailed you btw.

Obsessedwithlife said...

Ugh!! Has work been fun, are you enjoying your time?

Schoolwork is blah and not getting anywhere fast. Although my prof gave us an extension on half of the project which made life not easy but better!

Dee said...

For the most part, I am currently text-arguing with a 'friend' of mine. Calling them out on BS. Not exactly fun but I hate dishonesty, you know that lol.

What kind of project? Still the same one or something new? I love how we're chatting via blog comments. LOL.

Obsessedwithlife said...

Yeah, same project-OB/GYN office stuff-these things are INTENSE! (i'm actually serious. ugh. more intense than anyone can imagine)

I love how we are going at multiple convos in multiple realms at one time-experts in fact.

Anonymous said...

Hey hun, I woke up thinking about your test last night! Don't you love it when the professionals don't listen to the "old pro" patient? Argh! Happy to hear the wedding planning is going well. :-)

I didn't hear back from you about the "what's new" page on the ABC site. I wanted to make sure it's okay with you. Let me know?

Obsessedwithlife said...

Mary-Yup, replied and said it's fine! Thanks.

outre said...

I hate it when they fail to do correct scans or follow MR protocols to the T. Uh, thanks for not scanning the most important tumor to track...yep.

I forgot how i came across your blog...

Doctor David said...

Sorry about the tech. I hate it when stuff like that happens to my patients. And then some hospital administrator thinks they can make it all better by making the next one "free" (which, of course, mostly saves the insurance company money, right?). Too few think about all of the consequences of a screw-up like that... the lost work, missed classes, increased anxiety, icky feeling from medicine two days instead of one. Cancer sucks.

BUT.... congrats on a good, clean scan!

Obsessedwithlife said...

Dr. David-Thanks! I really appreciate that you read my blog and comment on it. Means a lot! Have a good week. The MRI will work itself out and I am grateful for the good one!

Kathy said...

Dear Rachel,

Your Aunt Debbie gave me your blog address and I have really enjoyed reading about your life. Just want you to know that our family keeps you in our prayers daily. You have one special Guardian Angel in heaven praying that you continue to have good health. Rachel, my mom really loved you and felt as though you were one of her own granddaughters. Please take care and keep in touch.