MRI day

I guess I should have mentioned it sooner (but I half forgot)-today I have scans to check on my back. Please keep me in your prayers and send good wishes! I'm also going to copy a post from the beginning of the blog about MRIs b/c a lot of you may have never seen it:

I thought that I would give you a run-down of tips for having an MRI, if you ever have one...

First of all,
MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging and is a non-invasive method used to show images of the inside of an object. It is primarily used in medical testing to demonstrate alterations in living tissues.

Interesting fact: MRI also has uses outside of the medical field, such as detecting rock permeability to hydrocarbons and as a non-destructive testing method to characterize the quality of products such as produce and timber.


1. Bring a CD or prepare to pick a radio station
2. Wear comfy clothes with NO metal (like fleece pants) (otherwise, you end up with a hospital gown!)
3. If you are a female, wear a sports bra without metal
4. Bring something to read while you wait (or someone to talk to!)
5. You can bring someone in the MRI room to sit, if you both are comfortable with this
6. If you are someone with a port, PICC line, etc., get it accessed beforehand so you don't have to get an IV in your arm!
7. Sometimes I stay up "too late" the night before so I'll sleep through it...
8. Leave your jewelry at home
9. If you get pain from weird positions, staying still too long, or nauseous easily, etc. take some meds before!
10. Make sure to go to the restroom right before the test...

Today, I am grateful for: modern medicine that has helped keep me alive, prayers, family, friends and God.



Anonymous said...

I'm praying for you today :)

Bob Lozano said...

Off to Mass, will definitely keep you in prayers. Sorry to say that I've forgotten Rule #10 on occasion before a moderately-length scan ... bad idea!

Anonymous said...

prayers all the way from kuwait ;) wishing u the best.. keep me updated always!!

Dee said...

LOL @ number ten.