I was thinking the other day how long my hair is getting-the longest it has been in about 10 years because of the chemotherapy treatments. My hair would start growing back after the end of a period of time after the treatments. Then, I would relapse and chemo would wipe it away again.

I miss my shorter hair sometimes and liked it that way most of the time. I am growing it out for the wedding and maybe after that it will get cut again-a more artsy cut or something.

Hair also kind of annoys me-a pet peeve or something-I really hate when it's on my clothes or something. I think it was the grossest though when I was bald and I would find it on me somewhere. I knew there was no chance it was mine! Ugh.

Today, I am grateful for: being ok with whatever state my hair or non-hair is in, a day to try to clean and catch-up, an awesome girl's night last night!!-thanks ladies!, family and God.



Dee said...

My whole 'hair journey' is really frustrating at times. I've had chemotherapy that has made me lose ALL my hair, I've had chemotherapy that made it thin out slightly but not go away, and I've had chemotherapy that didn't do anything to it. I gave up trying to figure out the rhyme or reason to it and embraced my love for accessories.

I think...it's hard to remember that you are not your hair. Especially as women. It's difficult and it's trying and it's deeply personal. But at the same time, when you come to terms with it, it's like...this weird sense of freedom.

Idk if I'm even making sense lol.

Obsessedwithlife said...

What's your hair like right now with all the treatments? I've never asked...do you do wigs?

You make sense, silly!

Baldness was hard and freeing at other times...

Dee said...

Actually as of right now, I have my hair. *tugs gently then knocks on wood*.

But when I was bald, I did do wigs once in awhile, but most of the time I just wore hats. My favorite combination was a wig with a hat. Because I wear hats so much anyway, with the wig that was similar to my hair color (well, the hair color I dyed my blonde hair too lol) people wouldn't pester me as much. I did however rock the bald once in awhile.

My hair right now is my own but...it goes through weird stages. Sometimes, it'll start to thin out and I prepare myself and think 'okay it's finally going to be falling out' but then it doesn't. It's very emotional!

Obsessedwithlife said...

I bet. Yeah, I did not really wear wigs-a couple times-more for fun than anything like being blonde because I never really was. Wigs with hats look more natural though for sure.

Well, I'm happy you have your hair for the time being :).

lahdeedah said...

Oh, my favorite topic...the do! My sister-in-law (the one who married my bro and honeymooned in Rarotonga) had long beautiful hair at her wedding and recently got a very hip, architectural do. Looks fab. I'm still in the very large fro phase, but I'm able on occasion to flat iron it into submission and look kinda cute. Does positive things for the mood! I am not my hair, as Dee points out, but I am happier when it looks good :)



Mamacita said...

Eww - finding hair on me if I was bald would gross me out too:P