In case you missed it, I'm bugging you again for help :). Please leave lunch ideas for me here! Thanks so much!!

A little early Valentine's Day quote for ya...

Even when love isn't enough...somehow it is.
- Stephen King

Today, I am grateful for: days with friends-even if it's class, an afternoon to catch up on whatever, life, tea with caffeine!, God, family.



Anonymous said...

Thank God for caffeine and writing notes in class. It kept me awake, seriously. - Diana

Dee said...

HEY this awesome girl I know sent me that quote awhile ago, and it's on a post-it note on my fridge AND in my car. Hmmph, go figure!

Going to the other post for recs now.

Lindsay said...

love the quote!

Obsessedwithlife said...

Diana-Yes! Notetaking and my sketchbook were key for the 3 hour slide class. Yawn!

Dee-Awww-wow you must have really liked the quote :). Thanks for both posts-great ideas-can't wait!!



Shelsi said...

Hi Rachel! Thanks for the comment on my blog! I had non-hodgekins lymphoma that spread to my brain. I am getting more chemo soon and a stem cell transplant! It will all be over soon! We should keep in touch! I will pray for you!

Obsessedwithlife said...

No prob-I had a stem cell transplant myself...if you have any questions!!