More results

I found out the MRI was pretty good. The 'spot' seemed about the same and the area around it looked a little better, less inflamed. Now, the latest thought is that the 'spot' is a clip or staple from my last surgery that has gotten inflamed.

So, good news all around in that department.

As I have been getting off one of my (MANY) meds and will continue to do so over the next few weeks, I have been very tired.

Lastly, I was picked by the class, asked (and accepted) to be a commencement speaker at a graduation-I am quite excited and also quite honored!

Back to the massive to-do list.

Today, I am grateful for: good news, amazing friends and family, a really great break, life and God.



Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting picked to speak! You'll do great!!

Anonymous said...

congrats on being the speaker :) they're lucky to have u.. u'll be the best!! ~ kuwaiti girl ;)