Just checking in...

I am still enjoying my 'spring break' from blogging and school, but thought I would check in for a bit. I would like to give a sincere thanks to everyone's emails, comments, prayers, calls and everything else!

I had my make-up MRI last Friday after this one was messed up. I still have not heard results which causes a lot of thoughts-as to what the outcome will be.

Today I met with a support group at The Wellness Community to talk about the walk coming up (the one I am an honorary ambassador for). It felt so right being there to help people and share my experiences and offer hope. Hope is so important.

Today, I am grateful for: life, each day that comes my way even when they are hard, for my fiance, friends, family and God.




Anonymous said...

Hey hun, did you hear about the MRI??? How are you feeling? You are right - hope is SO important. *hugs*

Lindsay said...

I hope you get the results you are hoping for. I have a good feeling. Please come back and blog! haha, but you deserve your break =) Let me know how it goes, thinking of you <3

lahdeedah said...

Let us know about your MRI, Rachel. Sending you powerful vibes, girl.