Beginning to Emerge

I am beginning to emerge out of the 'end of the semester cave'. I turned in my large project on Tuesday and still have some exams next week and some other small odds and ends.

It's pretty crazy that after 6 years of off and on college (all because of health related stuff) that I am finally getting my 2 year associate's degree in interior design. It's also somewhat comical that I have figured out that interior design is not necessarily what I feel I am called to do in life. I want to help people-something medical related and that is when I came up with art therapy and was inspired by my very own art therapist. All along I have taken psychology and some extra art classes. The past few years have not been without purpose though-they are transfering and helping with my bachelor's that I will begin this fall. I know this degree will have purpose in my life and for that I am grateful. It's a very peaceful feeling (and I'm pretty excited to get started on what I really want to do in life).

I'm ready to be done with this school as my time is up-I can feel it-but of course, with any major changes in life-it comes with mixed feelings. I will miss the 2 really close friends I have made and not seeing them 3 days a week, the familiarity of the campus and various other things. Most of all, I'm excited for my future-there's so much to look forward to in the next few months (including 4 years of no cancer found in my body!)

Today, I am grateful: to see summer break in sight, finding 2 cute dresses today, a beautiful day with windows down, a couple good TV shows, friends, family, God


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Anonymous said...

enjoy the every last bit of school :) enjoy everything to come & always keep me updated ;) i'm so excited for you!! -The Kuwaiti Girl ;P