Check this Out!

I saw this somewhere and watched it and had to share-it's pretty exciting in the world of cancer news!

The Kanzius Machine
Leukemia patient John Kanzius wants to see the promising machine he invented that kills cancer cells go into clinical trials and maybe help other people beat a disease he probably won't. Lesley Stahl reports.


Today, I am grateful for my speech at the hospice volunteer symposium tomorrow (expecting about 250+ volunteers), life, love, God, friends, family and a beautiful day!



Anonymous said...

I was blessed to be at that volunteer symposium today where you shared your experience, art, life and dreams. What a true inspiration you are - a living, breathing, laughing, crying, writing, sharing, creating, teaching miracle in the form of a beautiful young woman. Thank you for making our symposium so special - and congrats on your upcoming wedding - I am sure it will be splendid. Anna Lehrke, Volunteer Coordinator, Pathways Community Hospice

Rachel's sister said...

I saw that piece on 60 minutes the other night - how awesome was that? I thought of you when I saw it too. :) I see from the comment above that all went spectacular yesterday (as I knew it would)! I'm so proud of you! Love you bunches!!!

Obsessedwithlife said...

Anna-Thanks so much for your message! It was truly an inspiring day for all, it seems.


Newsformaggie said...


This guys lives practically in my backyard! My station, WINK News, was the first to interview him about his homemade cancer-killing machine. It's literally in the garage of his Sanibel Island home. John is a remarkable, wonderful, down-to-earth, caring man. I pray he lives to see his invention save lives. Love the blog and love you! Talk soon --