Watch PBS Tonight

Post #2 of the day-

Sorry for the last minute alert but tonight on PBS The Truth About Cancer is airing (9 ET/8 CT) and it explores the answers to the question, “Why are people still dying from cancer?”

I'm going to try to check it out or Tivo it- it sounds interesting!



SweetAnnee said...

I had it on my calendar..but didn't tape it or watch..
WHERE is mY head..never mind..I know..where it is

I'll go search the internet for it
and the Diane Sawyer one I missed too

fondly, deena

Henrike said...

I just saw it online- it's pretty rare to hear people talk about cancer this candidly.

Watching this show should inspire people to really get active in the fight against cancer. It's so important to get cancer into the news and have people talk and think about it. Thanks for pointing me towards this show ;-)