First, there's the excitement of my awe-inspiring day yesterday with the presentation at the hospice symposium...It went as well as can be-told my story, showed some pictures on Powerpoint (with the new laptop!) and talked about doing art with people that are on hospice. The audience of about 250 asked some great questions and I met lots of very amazing people. They even gave me a standing ovation! It has changed me in a very positive way. The rest of the day I was more patient, letting more cars in during traffic, that sort of thing! It helps keep things in perspective.

Secondly, the other big excitement is the earthquake(s) that have been shaking in the Midwest! I definitely woke up at 4 something this morning to my whole room shaking and was pretty frightened at first! My fiance was so sweet and rushed over to my house to check on me! (Thanks!!) I also felt the other one at 10 something this morning-an aftershock.

Today, I am grateful that: the earthquakes weren't bad, that I'm able to meet so many amazing people, life, friends, family and God.


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borcherding said...

Hi Rachel!! I didn't see a link to email you so I am posting a comment in the hopes that you will read it. I "met" you yesterday and the Hospice Conference. I was the crazy one who kept insisting that you sounded so familiar to me. Perhaps we met in a past life or something. :-)

I feel so blessed to have attended the conference yesterday and hear your speech. What an INSPIRATION you are and to hear your miracle is just absolutely wonderful!! I hope you have many years of health and happiness in your upcoming marriage. I look forward to following your blog and one day realizing where I "know" you from. LOL!! Peace and blessings, Cindy B.