Oncology on Canvas

I am really excited to see that Lilly Oncology is once again doing the Lilly Oncology On Canvas competition! It is a really great way for cancer survivors who are also artists (like me) to express ourselves and enter into a neat competition on top of it! I strongly encourage you to enter. Who else is elgible? Amateur artist or professional—people diagnosed with cancer, health care professionals, family members, friends and caregivers are all welcome to participate. More info on the website-http://www.lillyoncologyoncanvas.com/2008_contest/index.jsp

I also was able to find my piece from entering in 2006- http://www.lillyoncologyoncanvas.com/gallery/index.jsp (Search for "The Light Makes the Dark More Bearable" and also filter it so it's only "acrylic, person diagnosed with cancer and US"). It's the one with the yellow and lots going on and when you open it up there's a person in a raindrop with a long explanation. Apparently my little painting has been traveling the world with the exhibit (how cool!). It looks like it's traveling through 2008-see if the exhibit is coming to a town near you! I wish it was coming here but it does not look like it is.

Today, I am grateful for art's healing abilities, for family, friends and God.



Jaime said...

hey there....are they still doing the writing part of this or no? A few years ago I was going to enter, and I spoke with a woman from the NY office - but I didn't see that option this year. :(
And I guess I still like you, even if you WERE a jayhawk...

Obsessedwithlife said...

I did not see a writing part but could be?

Go KU! The game is so close...