Temperatures Changing...

As it warms up, these are things that will be less enjoyable and some I will just plain miss until the fall or winter returns (but summer is really my favorite time of the year anyways...):

-My beloved fleece pants

-Hot tea

-Hot soup

-Hot baths with epsom salts

-Fires in the fireplace (although I have to say I wasn't around too many this winter but the thought it nice!)

-Finely piped corduroys (I'm a pretty big fan-they're comfy!)

-My cowboy/rider boots and Uggs

Things I won't miss:




-hair static

-really cold weather


And finally, looking forward to:-



-Pool time!

-Flip flops and my favorite silver sandals

-Summery skirts and dresses

-Driving with the windows down and radio on

That's it for now...back to schoolwork (moan). So much to do, so little time!

Today, I am grateful for: miracles, health, love, friends, family, God and a pretty productive day.


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Anonymous said...

Oh but Rach...you can still wear your cowboy boots with summer skirts and dresses!! I just wore mine yesterday! Trust me..I'm a shoe buyer...I know these things!