Obsessed With Life is in a LiveStrong Newsletter!

After attending the LiveStrong Summit (with the Lance Armstrong Foundation) in the fall of 2006 with my fiance, I have been getting a newsletter from them in my e-mail. I just got one that features this blog! Thanks to all of you who read it and make my life better!

Rachel is a delegate from the Midwest. Her personal action plan is to launch a website that helps others (including cancer survivors) and is a place to share stories, poetry, writing, art, and just about anything. She successfully started a daily blog in September of this year, and has already been able to help and connect with many survivors, writers, doctors, and others around the world. This blog is a wonderful space to share with others, and includes things she knows about that are going on in the cancer world, about organizations she thinks are noteworthy, about writing and art that she and others are doing; some days it has nothing to do with cancer. It is a great way to appeal to a broader audience and provide information to help them learn about the cancer world. Learn more about Rachel and her blog!

Hope everyone is doing well-please check in and say hi!

Today, I am grateful to be in the home-stretch of school, a beautiful day, friends, family, health and God.



Anonymous said...

So many good things in your life lately - yay!!!

Obsessedwithlife said...

HI Ms. Mary. Thanks! You blog's been awfully quiet! I promise I'll call soon...it's hectic until about Tues. when my big proj. is due!!


Lori B said...

I bet that was a fun surprise! Cool!