Where Have I Been This Time?

I was playing with my 2 nephews, who were in from out of town, and niece and all my other wonderful in-laws and I am so blessed! It was a wonderful week that sadly has ended and left me with a cold. But this cold and being run down is SO worth all the quality time last week with people I love.

That's about it for now. I wish I could go home and take a nap! (1 more night class for the day!)

Today, I am grateful for: such a nice week with family, my new laptop, neat opportunities that always seem to be popping up, friends and God!!



Anonymous said...

I have been wondering! I'm glad your time has been filled with good things. :-) I have been doing lots of school work and other work...basically pretty productive for a long time. I guess that's good. :)

SweetAnnee said...

Isn't family time just so wonderful
I get a big ole ache when I don't see my kids and grands often enough..which is ALWAYS!!
hope you feel better QUICK

smiles, deena