End of the Year

What a wonderful end of the school year (and beautiful distractions that make me think less about that 'pain stuff')...Hard to believe that I had my last class at my college but I'm ready for the 'one door closes, another door opens'...

Before my last exam, I briefly spoke at a charity benefit at a fancy shoe boutique on the behalf of The Wellness Community. (My prof was amazing enough to let me come to the exam late so I could do this). Anyways, it was quite fun with yummy appetizers, good music and very inspirational people, as usual. The lady who sticks out though is a woman who approached me. She said when she was 23 she had cancer in her arm and had to have her arm and shoulder removed. She looked at me and told me how she never thought she'd see the day when she was 40 and here she was-almost 60 with a husband and 3 kids! She took me by the shoulders and told me-you'll get there too :). Very cool moment!

Tonight I went to a great art fair, had some father-daughter bonding and was inspired to come home and do some painting...so I better get to it!

Today, I am grateful for friends, family, God, fun, art, the rain holding out tonight, exciting things on the horizon


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Ria said...

What an inspriring story - I bet you got a lot of hope from her. You know it will be you one day because you have to grow into silly old ladies with us:). Can you imagine all the trouble we'll conjure up...lol.