Statements About My Life...

Rachel's Photography-from an airplane window April 07

Isn't life crazy? Things I thought were so concrete at one time...friendships, plans, whatever. Then they change and sometimes do a 180. People that I thought would always be there for me are not and yet other people step up to the challenge and love me for who I am and life goes on. It always amazes me. Plans when I was younger-being a doctor, living here or there, finishing college on schedule...none of them happened and it really turned out beautifully. And the other great thing is that there's always a chance that those people will come back into my life and I'm open to that too. I do not believe in shutting doors and locking them up with thousands of locks. See where life takes me...ride the journey.

Yet, at least in my life, after everything, things actually turned out better than I ever thought...after some hardships and trials and errors.

And for all of those last fall who helped with honeymoon ideas-we got a great deal to Mexico :). Thanks again!

Things are really coming together-we have a condo to live in, a honeymoon, most of the wedding stuff is set and life is good. I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised how un-stressed I am right now. Thank God for that!

Today, I am grateful for: life experiences, each new day, friends, family and God.



Mamacita said...

Ever think you would become part of a family of X number of (loud, crazy, fun) people:)?

Obsessedwithlife said...

haha-who knew?

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the wedding. I am so glad that you are not stressed about it.

Wild About Words said...


Great blog post. Your attitude is amazing and it will make all the difference in your enjoying life more fully.

Have a magical wedding and a memorable honeymoon.

With all good wishes,

rebecca said...

Hi Rachel,

I just found your site thru kris carr's. I'm so happy I decided to link onto it....this was a wonderful post. your head is in such a good place...life never seems to turn out the way we plan...yet i find it seems to place you in the direction we were always meant to go...

my life did not turn out to be anything like i had imagined it to be when i was younger ... a complete 180. yet, the lessons i have learned, the strengths within me that i've come to know as a result, sometimes the people that have surprised me the most -- both good and bad -- i could never put a monetary value on....all of it has been priceless and all of it giving me the opportunity to grow.

so, yes, rachel, ride your journey....you just might be pleasantly surprised!


Obsessedwithlife said...

Thanks Carol and Donna!

Nice to meet you Rebecca-I'm happy you stopped by and I'll check out your blogs!