It always amazes me how many people prayed for me and still do. Yesterday alone-I was on the phone with someone who interviewed me in his documentary a few years back (and will so again next week for another one) and we were catching up and he told me about his church's prayer group that prayed for me.

Then an hour later, I was at a party and was being introduced to so-and-so's grandparents and friends from this or that and they had all prayed for me and referred to me as the 'miracle girl'. It is such a neat feeling-these people I have never met, many that I will probably never meet (I was on international prayer chains for tons of religions) all helped and contributed to my healing. It just shows how powerful prayer can really be and it's exciting.

On that note, I will be taking a 'wedding hiatus'. The upcoming days and weeks will be wedding-filled and hopefully amazing. I may try to pop in with a few words, but if not, don't worry-I'm just taking it all in and looking forward to the beginning of this chapter of my life.

Today, I am grateful for: way to much to name and the blessings of family, friends and God.


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