Quick Update

So this week is off to a rocky start and this update will be brief...my energy is quite low right now.

We found out that my cousin passed away who was 34 (who I really haven't seen much over the years). It was sudden and I'm still not sure if they know why. They thought he was sleeping and he wasn't. I feel very sad for my uncle-this is the 2nd child that he's lost (the other was only 24 when she died).

I have a pretty bad cold that I'm still fighting.

My stomach is having issues-the doctors are running some tests to see if I maybe picked up something in Mexico.

And lastly, obviously I will not be attending the LiveStrong Summit in Ohio this weekend. Which, with everything going on, is kind of a relief. While last time was a wonderful, inspirational time, I would not have been able to enjoy it even if I had pushed myself to go (which I'm not sure is even possible).

Thanks in advance for your prayers and support. I hope to be back to a 'stronger me' quite soon.

Today, I am grateful for: doctors and nurses that care and check on me, for a husband, family and friends to lean on and for God's graces.



Lindsay said...

I'm sorry you are having rough times. I'm thinking of your family! Feel better soon, I hope good things are back on their way to you.

Anonymous said...


I have enjoyed reading through your site. I have always thought of myself as strong but you have at least 10 times that amount.

I will vote for your selection as Glamour's Woman not only of the year, but of all women I know. You are awesome!

Good luck - Viv Lurkins (Aunt Debbie's sister-in-law)