Wanted to check in...

Wedding craziness and getting the new condo ready is under way but I'm still staying calm :).

My speech from my high school's graduation was used as part of my dad's friend Curtis' funeral! and I have been contacted by someone else for another speaking engagement that is out of town!

The company that my fiance started has some exciting stuff happening too.

Life is great and I hope yours are too.

Today I am grateful for everything.


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Anonymous said...

I can imagine you have been all over the place enjoying life!!! Such good times! You will remember them forever and ever. :-) It's always good to have wonderful things stuck in your memory, as opposed to ummm...other things that we've dealt with!

So I have definitely been busy. The local event I'm planning is going to be great! And we're doing an online event with about 40 people in the Cafe. And then, and then I am leaving in...nine days for Europe. I was thinking about it yesterday, and I was just so sad that you won't be there. Of course, honeymoons are just a wee bit better than sarcoma trips, but still!

WHAT ABOUT BOB????????? *sniff*

Check out the press release. Whoohooo!

Love, love and a wedding of your dreams.