Inspirational speakers: those that address audiences with the aim of inspiring the listeners to higher values*

*-definition from Wikipedia

Reporting back from my quick blip (roughly 24 hours) of a trip to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to speak to some medical manufacturing salespeople...

Honestly, they were a great group that I felt instantly comfortable speaking in front of! It was a smaller group than usual but that was nice-more intimate. We were joking around before I ever began. I told my story and then gave lessons about life that I've learned that I think can be applied to most people's lives (similar to the commencement speech) and tailored it to this particular group.

Also a plus-I joined the group for dinner afterwards and got to know them better. I had a great time listening and talking a bit and getting to know some of the group over grilled salmon and veggies. I cannot forget that white chocolate cake either-mmm-it was a fun end to the day (plus some Olympic women's gymnastics back in my room...).

Before heading back today, I did manage to peel out of my hotel/resort bed early enough for a small stroll on the beach before heading to the airport...I'll let the pictures do the talking...

On the flight home, I was browsing the new issue of Glamour and saw a page detailing the contest! Very nice :). I thought of everyone and smiled!

Today, I am grateful for life's experiences, meeting new people, coming back home afterwards, family, husband and friends that all support me, being able to touch others, and GOD!


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Anonymous said...

Love the feet and sand picture. I'm glad that your trip was a good one.

Mom L.