Locked Up with a Dragonfly

While on my trip to Florida this week, the place we were staying was undergoing some renovations. During the nice dinner (with the salmon and yummy cake), I had to use the restroom. Well, the only one that you could use was out by the pool area.

It was a one person room that was rather let's say...like you would expect an outdoor pool restroom to be. I went in, realized another person was waiting behind me, locked the door, and then notice there is an ENORMOUS dragonfly buzzing crazily around the bathroom.

I was somewhat frightened-having heard that dragonflies sometimes sting or bite. I thought-that would really hurt. I've never seen one so huge. Option A: Run out of here like a crazy woman and go up to my room to use the facilities. Option B: Stick it out and pray for the best!

I swatted at it a few times as it nose-dived towards me and then I remembered this is a dragonfly, my personal symbol. I even had on my dragonfly ring! I said a little prayer, in hopes that the dragonfly would settle down while I did my business. And thankfully it did.

Then I washed my hands extra quickly and warned the lady behind me about it!

Maybe it was sign...I'm not sure what it meant. I'm just happy I got out of there safely ;)!

Have you had any crazy bathroom experiences and/or experiences with insects? Please share!

Today, I am grateful for a lovely day with a friend, a lovely evening with girlfriends last night, new families in the area to babysit for, for a relaxing weekend ahead, my husband, family, friends and GOD!



Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you didn't get stung. I remember many times not wanting to go into the outhouse at the farm for the same reason :)
Mom L.

Meaghan said...

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